"Keeping children safe and helping them succeed in school and in life"


Learning how to learn
For students who have struggled, homework can really help build their independent learning skills when instructors are available to answer questions and provide tutoring.  Service learning programs can teach valuable life lessons through community service activities. 

Creating academic success
We teach language arts, math and science to middle school students through project based programs.  We use teaching tools that combine educational and entertainment content, with an emphasis on computers, technology and games.  It’s all designed to help young people focus, encourage their efforts and build their self-esteem.

Enrichment and personal development
Enrichment activities build social, physical and emotional skills.  Some of our activities include sports, performing arts, culture and computer training.  We also offer children life skills programs that focus on character development, goal-setting, self-reliance and citizenship.

Building skills, confidence and lives
Our comprehensive after-school programs are designed to build upon all the learning achieved during the school day.  That’s why a program started initially to keep children off the streets has evolved into a multi-faceted program that gives at-risk children a real chance to realize their potential for a lifetime of success. 

CampUs turns summer fun into a life-long learning experience
Instead of losing ground during the summer, disadvantaged children can enjoy days filled with academic and sports instruction that is taught by university students under the supervision of professors and coaches.  Half of each day is devoted to literacy skills and the rest to recreation and socialization activities.

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