Mission and Vision


The mission of After-School All-Stars (ASAS) is to provide comprehensive after-school programs that keep children safe and help them succeed in school and life.

Our Vision

Our vision is for our All-Stars to be safe and healthy, to graduate high school and go to college, to find careers they love and then give back to their communities.


ASAS New York

After-School All-Stars New York (ASASNY) is the local chapter of the leading national organization that provides year-round, school-based, comprehensive after-school programs. ASASNY was established in 1995 and currently serves nearly 980 students per year by partnering with public school districts and community organizations.

Through individually tailored academic support, enrichment activities and sports, students gain the confidence and skills they need to do well in school, remain healthy and active, and become effective members of their community, inspiring and helping others in need.

ASASNY is a leader in the fight against the high school drop-out rate and the obesity crisis. Our long-term goal is to ready our students for fulfilling lives and careers in the modern workforce.

The success of ASASNY would not be possible without the generous ongoing support from parents, students, donors and Sponsors.

Who We Serve

ASAS New York serves nearly 980 low-income at risk youth in 5 middle school sites providing after-school services free of charge.

  • 98% of ASAS students are youth of color
  • 86% qualify for the Federal Free and Reduced Lunch Program
  • 78% are in the middle school grades


Annual Report